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Beware – Hackers Today Are Devising Ingenious Ways To Hack Your Computer!

Your computer is at risk of being hacked. You might not realize but millions of hackers, scammers and other cyber-criminals are hard at work to bring your computer down. What are they after? Starting from our social media accounts, financial information and even social security numbers, these individuals often steal entire identities of unsuspecting people...
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Tips For Trouble Shooting Your Computer

This must have happened before: you sit down at your work desk, press the power button on your computer and wait for it to light up. Nothing happens and you’re left staring at a blank screen. There’re no familiar flashing lights, no whirring sounds of the machine coming to life, absolutely nothing! The first thing people...
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Considering A Professional Repair Service For Your Computer? Be Prepared First

Keeping sensitive information and data well protected may seem like a task, especially on a computer network that’s used by many. The task of keeping private information safe and secure becomes insurmountable if the device has to be given to professional computer repairers in case of damage to the hard drive or another important part. Be...
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Your Electronics LCD Screens Are Very Fragile and Easy To Break; Here Is How You Can Avoid That

The one joy of modern technology that we enjoy are the portable electronic devices, i.e. our touch-screen phone, notebooks, net-books, and tablets. We love to take them anywhere and everywhere, as the devices can easily fit in our bags, purses, and pockets due to their awesome portability! Read more

Make Use Of These Simple Steps to Protect Your Computer from Malware and Hackers

63% of all computer users have fallen victim to cyber crimes, but the most shocking thing is that the majority of computer users are not even aware of it. At this given point, a hacker somewhere around the globe is trying to invade your privacy or trying to infect your system with enough malware to...
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