4 Easy Ways To Back Up Your Data – Choose What Suits Your Needs

Our devices have become our storage spaces. Instead of photographic albums, we have albums in our computers and mobile phones, marking special moments. But this does not mean they are any less important.

We think that physical data is more vulnerable. This is why photographic reels went out of trend. But, to nobody’s surprise, our digital data is just as vulnerable. An untimely pressed delete key is enough to destroy our data. So what do we do to secure our files? Back up! And, back up in multiple places.

Here are a few methods which you can use to back up your data:

1.     Manual Backup

Manual back up of data is usually done with an external hard drive. USBs of different storage space limits can be used to transfer important files quickly. If you have limited space available – let’s say a 4 GB or 8GB USB – then select and prioritize your data. Simply copy and paste your data and wait until it is fully transferred. Every time you modify your original files, remember to update your back up too.

2.     Back Up Programs

Depending on the service provider, a backup program will offer automation and scheduling options. With this feature, you would not need to manually copy your data. By scheduling backups, you will never have to remember to back up new or updated files, as the program will do it according to the given schedule.

3.     File History

Each one of your file has a history which you can use to recover your files. The only thing you need to do is turn on the file history option and it will save all your previous file versions. Note that it requires you to have access to an external device or a network folder to save these files. You can choose how often files versions are saved and for how long.

4.     Store in the Cloud

Cloud storage services back up your data in a physical storage as with multiple servers. These are hosted spaces; that is, they make digital space available to you for a cost. The advantage is that you do not need to protect or carry your data physically; they protect it as well as make it available to you.

Several free cloud services are available such as Google Drive and Dropbox. They offer limited free space and options to upgrade storage space for a nominal fee.

Lost your files before backing up? We have excellent data recovery specialists to help you get back your data. We also offer software upgrade services to give your system a healthy boost.

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