4 Precautions To Take When Downloading New Software

There’s no better way to infect a computer with malware, viruses and useless software that just bogs down PC performance than installing new software from the internet. Your computer’s hard drive can get seriously damaged if you aren’t careful with what’s downloaded and where it’s stored. Following are precautions that expert technicians at Rockland County Computer Repair suggest computer users should be mindful of when downloading new software from the internet.

1.       Check for User Feedback

Before installing or downloading any program and/or software, it’s a good idea to learn as much about the type of program or software it is. Search for any feedback and reviews about the program from other users, as well as of other programs you’re considering. Conduct the search by typing software name reviews, software name virus, and software name scam to narrow down the search results.

Remember to scan through the comments section where users of the software will have posted their experience and thoughts about it.

2.     Download From Reliable Sites

You’ll be able to find numerous websites offering the same software or program for download, if you just spend 15 minutes or so searching on the internet. Most of these will be available on websites that aren’t reliable therefore the first choice should always be the publisher’s own website if you want the cleanest and most updated version of the program. Other reliable websites to download clean software are Major Geeks, Softpedia and FileHippo.

3.     Use Security Software for Basic Protection

The expert technicians at Rockland County Computer Repair suggest installation of antivirus software even for day to day browsing and using the internet. In addition, it’s always a good idea to have the computer protected with the help of security software which will automatically scan and detect all files being installed or downloaded.

4.     Remove Adware and Unwanted Components While Installation

Adware components are usually integrated with the installation file of a program or software, as this is how developers make their income. At the time of software installation, Adware gets installed as well however they aren’t considered as dangerous threats such as Trojan or a virus.

By paying close attention to the installation process, you can easily remove most of the adware as well as the popup adverts that are displayed frequently. Boxes asking to install additional software must be unchecked and file names must be watched for any discrepancy or error as they’re installed.

Remember, implementing proper security and computer usage protocols will ensure that your device works smoothly and efficiently for a longer period. You can also send it for routine maintenance and service to Rockland County Computer Repair.

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