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Troubleshooting: The Most Common TV Problems

Ask anyone what piece of electronic equipment seems the most complex; the answer will be a television. Typically, on average, an American watches television for 4 hours and 51 minutes (almost a whopping 5 hours) every day. Despite being a popular past-time for many households, people don’t know what to do when this piece...
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Warning! Your Computer May Crash Anytime

‘Your computer has a virus’.A collection of five words that can mean hell for most computer users.Viruses have evolved greatly, now powerful enough to paralyze your computer and corrupt all of the data stored on it. Imagine parting with those assignments you spent long nights completing, or having to give up on the song collection...
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Update that Software!

No one would deny how annoying those darned pop-up messages are, asking you to update your software every now and then. It will also be safe to assume that most of you end up clicking the more convenient option of ‘remind me later’, and get rid of it for the time being; but ignoring it...
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Your Electronics LCD Screens Are Very Fragile and Easy To Break; Here Is How You Can Avoid That

The one joy of modern technology that we enjoy are the portable electronic devices, i.e. our touch-screen phone, notebooks, net-books, and tablets. We love to take them anywhere and everywhere, as the devices can easily fit in our bags, purses, and pockets due to their awesome portability! Read more

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