Some Basic Computer Troubleshooting Tips That Ever Person Should Know

Has it ever happened to you that you are doing something important on a computer and then suddenly an error pops up and causes all sorts of mayhem? If it has then rest assured knowing that you are not alone.

Sometimes computers seem to malfunction for seemingly no reason at all but there is always a solid reason behind it. However, you can alleviate many of the frustrations related to computer problems by knowing some basic computer repair techniques. Applying, and most importantly understanding the basics of computer troubleshooting will allow you to solve the computer errors quickly and also to continue with your work as quickly as you can. Another thing about knowing the basic techniques is that it will help you fix virtually any computer problem and which, in turn, will help precious time and money.

Let’s look at some very common problems people face on almost daily basis.

·        Have You Tried the Off and On Trick?

This sounds like a very silly thing to do but 80% of them times you can solve the problem by turning the computer off then it starts giving you trouble and then immediately back on again. Some time the computer just hangs and it needs a kick to start working again.

·        Is Your Computer Running Too Slow?

If you feel like your computer is not working to its full capacity then there could be two reasons behind. It could be that your computer is too slow, in which giving it a full make over you can’t really do anything about it. Or it could be that your hard drive might be totally full. Windows needs ample disk space to create files. If the drive is too full then windows won’t be able to operate full and which in turn will make the PC run slow. You can solve this problem by getting a bigger hard drive, or you can simply delete stuff you no longer need.

·        Does Your Computer Keep Restarting?

You have to make sure that it’s not a hardware issue. You can do that by making sure that all your critical system drives are up to date. Windows Update usually takes care of that but you can do a manual sweep. It could also be that a malware is causing all the havoc. In that case, you need to download anti-virus immediately and scan your system. Remove the found virus and then try again. The problem should be taken care of.

With these simple tips, you should be able to handle majority of the computer related problems yourself. But if the problems still persist then you can call us right now 845-304-8860 for PC repair, virus removal and protection and so much more!

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