Buttons On Your TV Remote Not Working – What Should You Do?

Coming home from a hard and long day spent at the office, all we want (and plan!) to do is curl up on the most comfortable seat in the house and watch re-runs of our favorite show. There isn’t anything that can throw a wrench to this lovely plan but wait! Shouldn’t the TV have turned on a few seconds after pressing on the remote? Your own television remote is against the idea, it seems.

While we don’t know how many people face this problem on a daily basis, there’re are solutions for this pesky problem.

Try To Troubleshoot the Issue First

There’re usually two scenarios when buttons on the remote don’t work at all or aren’t working properly. 1) You may be dealing with an IR sensor circuit board issue or 2) The batteries in the remote control may have died.  It’s easier to check if the second is the problem however to check the sensor circuit board issue, unplug and then re-plug your TV set and see if it works.

Do the following if answer is in the negative;

There Might Be Dust Clogging the Remote Buttons

Most homeowners don’t realize this when cleaning their TV set and other electronic devices that remote controls (which are neglected) can collect dust particles due to which you may find it hard to press certain buttons. This issue can be easily eliminated by cleaning every single button in the remote control with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol or a mild detergent and ammonia cleaning solution.

If this doesn’t work, you can try the DIY method below or you can avoid the hassle altogether by calling in Rockland County Computer Repair service who may have a replacement remote control for your TV.

The DIY Remote Fixing Method

To do this, you’ll require a small hammer, jewelers’ screwdriver and powerful adhesive.

  • First cut a tiny copper wire piece. With help of small hammer, pound the wire into a small copper disk.
  • Open the remote control using a jewelers’ screwdriver and inspect the inside carefully. Old contact pads can stop to function properly after some time and in some cases will have to be replaced or cleaned.
  • When you spot the faulty contact pads, place the copper disks on top and glue them to stay in place.
  • Reassemble your remote control and test again.

It’s better to just head over to a professional TV repairer’s than try this DIY method because you never know, it might not work! Call Rockland County Computer Repair today.

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