Considering A Professional Repair Service For Your Computer? Be Prepared First

Keeping sensitive information and data well protected may seem like a task, especially on a computer network that’s used by many. The task of keeping private information safe and secure becomes insurmountable if the device has to be given to professional computer repairers in case of damage to the hard drive or another important part.

Be it simple incompetence, negligence or out of necessity, professional computer repairers can wipe out the entire hard drive when repairing the computer. This is an important reason why people must take the following precautions when taking their PC to a computer repairman, even for a routine service trip.

Put Important Files in the Cloud

It’s a good idea to save all the files you’ll need in a folder on your Dropbox, OneDrive or another cloud-based storage account while the PC is getting repaired. This way you’ll still have easy and convenient access to your files on another computer. Any changes made while using another computer temporarily will be automatically synced to the PC once you start using it after getting it back from the repair service.

Create Backup

Computer repair technicians at Rockland County Computer Repair reiterate the importance of having backup of all important data and files, especially before handing the device to a repairman. This makes it easier if the hard drive has to be wiped clean and the operating system has to be reinstalled from scratch. Consult with the computer service man about the procedure of creating safe and secure backups from hard drives and SSD cards.

Protect Sensitive Files

Everyone one has files in their computer that they don’t want others to see. These files can contain important information such as bank and credit card statements, tax forms, other financial information or simply videos/pictures that might embarrass you.

It’s better to have these files encrypted before handing the computer to a technician.

Make Your PC Accessible

To get to the problem, the computer repair technicians will probably have to boot the PC. While users do provide the password for this purpose, its better if you disabled the login password feature altogether.

Don’t Assume They Know the Problem

There is a good chance that the problem with your computer might have not been passed along appropriately. To avoid miscommunication, it’s a good idea to write a detailed description of the problem and send it along with the PC.

While the computer repair technician will do everything possible to bring back your computer to the state it was in before the issue occurred, following the above steps will make the job easier to undertake. Make sure whoever fixes the device is qualified and reliable by calling Rockland County Computer Repair today.

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