Desktop vs. Laptop: How Maintenance and Upgrades Affect Each?

Today’s technology is performing far beyond our expectations, in every field. With a dedicated focus on making everything smaller and lighter, technology is changing the way we make our calls, watch TV and go about our daily business. The world of computers is also changing, with an emphasis on small, light and compact. Laptops and incredibly portable notebooks are now available in the market, chosen largely due to features that distinguish such devices from the old desktop.

But which is really better? Let’s find out;

Which Is Better; the Dell Precision Tower 5810 or Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

To get to a near accurate conclusion, we will compare the newest versions of popular brands in both laptop and desktop. First off we start with:

Dell Precision Tower 5810

With its incredible price tag, the Dell Precision Tower 5810 is the biggest single processor desktop workstation. Equipped with a 10 core Intel Xeon processor and high end Nividia Quadro k6000 GPU, the workstation is perfect for users who are looking for more power.

10 Core Xeon Processor with Hyper ThreadingVery Expensive
Nvidia Quadro K6000 GraphicsNo Media Card Reader
Speedy Solid-state Drive RAIDNo Wi-Fi
Easy to Service and Replace PartsUSB Ports 2.0 and 3.0 are the Same Color


Apple MacBook Pro Laptop

Positioned as the computer that’s just as good (performance-wise) as a desktop, Apple’s MacBook Pro is by far the best and fastest as compared to other versions. There’re two models that users can choose from i.e. the stock 13 inch that offers 2.6GHz- 2.8GHz dual core processor and stock 15 inch that offers 2.2GHz to 2.5GHz quad core processor. The laptop is perfect for users who use applications such as Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Logic Pro X etc.

Multi Core ProcessorNon-updated older versions can be blurry and show sluggish scroll performance
Fastest Compared To Previous VersionsInternal storage can’t be upgraded by end-user
Outfitted With Incredible Retina DisplayNo internal optical drive available
2 Thunderbolt ports and 1 HDMI portNo Firewire or internal Ethernet available
2 USB 3.0 portsBattery is difficult to remove as it’s glued in place
SDXC Card Reader 


When it boils down to it, both laptops and desktops are head to head today in speed, performance and other factors. It’s essentially the portability that encourages users to buy laptops. When it comes to maintenance and repairs though, people can face difficulty in finding the best computer repairer. Rockland County Computer Repair however offers part replacement and repair services for desktops as well as laptops, including the Apple MacBook Pro! Bring your device to us today.

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