Leading Antivirus Software This Year and How They Work

Antivirus software is a program that detects and removes viruses from computers. The program needs to be updated in order to function efficiently. A computer without an antivirus will be at a great risk.

There are several companies that have antivirus programs each with its own features. But let’s find out more to see how many are actually effective and how important they are for your device.

What Does An Antivirus Software Do?

Despite each antivirus program having a different set of functions, there are certain tasks that they all perform:

  • Scan files for malware detection or suspicious activity
  • Schedules scanning on its own to remain updated about the safety of the device
  • Specific files such as CDs and USBs are also scanned
  • If any malicious code is found, the user will be asked if they want to delete the file
  • It will give you an entire overview of the situation of your device and presence of any threat

The Top Choices This Year

  1. Norton:all-inclusive shield for your system and communication, with a remarkable features list.
  2. BullGuard:Safe, straightforward and secure antivirus protection; with really low impact on your system.
  3. Panda:top-quality virus protection with minimum affect on your device.
  4. Avira:Offers very strong protection both online and offline.

Who Needs Antivirus Software?

Everyone who owns a computer needs antivirus software installed on it. It is a common misconception that as long as you don’t visit any risky website your computer is safe. They don’t come from only downloading files-there are many other ways it can get access to your device.

It could happen while you’re checking an email you receive, or when simply browsing the web there could be a pop-up containing a virus. Even when you insert any CD or USB it could have a virus as well. This is the first step when purchasing a new device-and lucky for you there are numerous options to choose from.

What Specifics You Should Look Out For

When making the decision of the right antivirus for your device there are certain factors that should be considered. These are the extra features provided by antivirus software.

  • Online Protection-a built in firewall protects your device while you surf the web
  • Parental Restrictions-when purchasing a device for your young children parental controls and restrictions allow limited access to the internet
  • Anti spam email protection-if a lot of your work is over emails then anti spam is a must
  • Gaming mode-this allows gamers to enjoy playing games online without any pop ups
  • Compatibility with device-not every antivirus is compatible with the system

If you want to make an even more informed decision you can find the reviews of each software online and see which one suits your needs. For the installation  and virus removal service all you need to do is get in contact with us at Rockland County Computer Repair so we can provide you with the software installation service.

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