Manage Your Smartphone Data With These Easy Tips

Switching to a data plan is one of the smartest choices we make for our smartphones. You have access to the internet, on the go. However, crossing data limits is always a concern. So, we cut down our usage and try to fit it in the allowed range. But it’s easier said than done.

There are some easier ways to make our data plan last longer. Here, we have rounded up a few of these tricks:

Start Saving On Browsing

When browsing a website, we often forget that it’s not just the content utilizing our data. Those advertisements displayed all over the webpage quickly eat up our data.

However, it is possible to reduce your data usage on browsing in one single step. If you use Google Chrome as your browser, change its settings to switch on Data Saver option. It will compress the data transferred to minimum.

Limiting App Update To Wi-Fi

Most of us want data packages to browse a few websites, check our emails, and connect to social media. But switching on our data plan means all the internet dependant operations will continue. Application updates are a major data hog. Google Play and other app downloaders allow users to change these settings. Just check the mark which restricts auto-update to the availability of Wi-Fi.

Cache Your Data

Most of the apps allow users to cache important data. So cache important data on Wi-Fi such as particular locations on Google Maps and enjoy while using mobile data.

Clear Your Background

Ever had so many app open and running that you find it hard to keep up with them. Your phone finds it hard too. All this burden falls on your data as these apps keep running in the background. Clear your background as often as you can to reduce your charges.

Even though it is easy to clean your background continuously, it is far better to restrict data directly from Settings. Android users can do this thorough Data Usage followed by Restrict Background Data option.

Say No To Streaming

Music and video streaming will quickly eat your data, much before the end date. Use Wi-Fi connections to download videos or music files. You can also add applications which after saving your music files and make them available. Another benefit of downloading is that you would not have to wait for the video to fully download on weaker connections. You can listen and watch these files uninterruptedly.

Limit The Pictures

Downloading, sending and uploading pictures use large amounts of data. Don’t do it over mobile connections; wait until you have Wi-Fi.

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