How Many of These Computer Terminologies Are You Aware of?

Do you consider yourself a techie? Well being a techie isn’t just about being aware of the latest technology and most useful software available online. It is also not about surfing the web all day long.Not only should you be able to determine any problems with the system but should also be able to provide a solution for it as well.

Let’s see if you are aware of all these computer terminologies.

Data Retrieval

As a result of a virus or damaged hard drive, there is a chance of losing data. You will thus not be able to access any of the files. The process by which such files are retrieved is known as data recovery.


All the physical parts and pieces of the computer are known as the hardware. Usually when one or more of these parts is not functioning properly, the computer will require repair services. If in such a situation the computer is old, then usually the best option is to replace it.

IP Address

IP (Internet Protocol) is a series of numbers which are separated by dots. Every device when connected to the internet has its distinct IP address.

If you are facing some problems with our internet connection, then the person trying to determine the issue will require the IP address in order to find the root cause.


This is used to measure the storage capacity in various devices. Byte, megabyte, kilobyte, terabyte and gigabyte are all units of measure. This is used to compare the amount of memory various devices have and also determine how much storage capacity is available for their use.


These are programs used to try and hack into a computer system. The program watches your every move, all that you are doing on the computer. Spyware specifically monitors various passwords and important information which can be used against you.

Did you get computer terminologies all right? Well congratulations! But remember that computer systems and technology isn’t as easy as it may seem at first.

Finding effective solutions can often be tricky, and if the device is not handled properly it could make things even worse. For that reason, it important to keep a reliable computer repair service on speed dial!

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