Troubleshooting: The Most Common TV Problems

Ask anyone what piece of electronic equipment seems the most complex; the answer will be a television. Typically, on average, an American watches television for 4 hours and 51 minutes (almost a whopping 5 hours) every day. Despite being a popular past-time for many households, people don’t know what to do when this piece of equipment malfunctions.

While complex issues with your LCD television are difficult to fix, the following are some that can be easily sorted out by homeowners themselves. Of course, we’ll be happy to repair your TV and provide a 100% satisfaction work guarantee with the TV repair service.

Channels won’t change, plus there’s only one available channel

Check to see if your TV isn’t on “Air” mode when this happens. How will you do this? Either auto-program the electronic device or select the menu options and reset the TV manually to cable mode.

A black box is blocking the image on the screen

It’s likely that you may’ve accidentally changed your TV’s settings to ‘terminated’ mode. This is very easy to fix. Simply go to the menu options and turn off the terminated mode settings.

The TV stopped working suddenly

It can also decide not to open. When this happens, don’t panic as sometimes the case is as simple as a loose connection at the TV set’s back. Before hooking the connection back on, remember to turn of the power around the unit (especially if any liquid is found around the set). Unplug the set and bring it over to Rockland County Computer Repair. Our technicians will take a look at it and repair the TV quickly.

The picture on the screen is snowy

If this happens, the first thing to check is whether everything is properly hooked up between the television and power supply or not. If the answer is yes, contact your satellite supplier as their services may be down at that moment (as is often the case). The same information can also be accessed from their website.

Unable to view specific channels

If this happens, check if there’s a password for those particular channels that you’ve to enter to access the channels. The settings might also be preventing you from accessing those channels. To fix this, click on the menu option and log in, using your default password.

The above are all simple troubleshooting problems that users should be aware of. Of course, sometimes a simple problem becomes a complex one which is why you should have TV repair service in Rockland County always on speed dial.


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