Warning! Your Computer May Crash Anytime

‘Your computer has a virus’.

A collection of five words that can mean hell for most computer users.

Viruses have evolved greatly, now powerful enough to paralyze your computer and corrupt all of the data stored on it. Imagine parting with those assignments you spent long nights completing, or having to give up on the song collection you spent years compiling, or the photographs that were a window to some of the best days of your life.

Losing your data can be disastrous! Luckily, there are signs that alert you about a virus infestation in your computer before it crashes altogether. If you keep an eye out for these signs, you can get the necessary repairs done in no time and avoid losing your data.

It’s Doing the Slow-Mo

Malware will make your computer slow down; there are no two ways about it. A virus normally uses up a big chunk of your computer’s memory, making it difficult for your computer to manage normal operations as effectively as it should. Like cancer, it spreads into your computer destroying important programs and files that are essential for your computer to run smoothly, gradually capsizing the ship into the sea of malfunction.

It Refuses to Respond

You click repeatedly, try entering a few commands – nothing happens. It’s like you’re knocking the door and no one’s home; a complete lack of response. Beware, it is a virus! Your computer will freeze often and you will be forced to either restart it or play with the Ctrl+Alt+Del.

It Gets Moody

The computer may decide to go bi-polar. One minute it is working, the other it decides to shut down on its own for no particular reason. Yes, it is the virus in play. Any erratic behavior by your computer is worth a check at a computer repair services in Rockland County, NY.

You Can’t Seem to Control The Pop-ups

Those annoying pop-ups keep disrupting your work with increasing frequency? Another clear sign your computer has been infected. It is quite possible in this scenario that the computer is attacked by not one but multiple viruses at the same time.

Viruses, big or small can be easily removed, that is, if you have expert assistance on your side. In worst case scenarios, you may end up losing your data – but that is where we come in. Providing you with dependable and affordable data recovery and computer services in Rockland County, NY, we at Rockland County Computer Repairs are just a phone call away. Call us at 845.304.8860.

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